Thursday, 10 January 2008

Day 10, 2008

One of the resolutions I made was to take a photograph everyday this year. The hope being that I might improve my photography and photo editing skills, and it might also make an interesting review of the year.
Of course there is the problem of getting to the end of a non eventful day having seen nothing worth taking pictures of! So I may end up with a collection of photographs of objects in my house, and possibly having annoyed the hell out of my friends by constantly thrusting my camera in their faces!
We shall see! Here are the first 9, if you want to follow the progress you can find all my pictures here

The Hostest with The Mostest! Cez My shiney new phone

Katrina & Cherene Bender Tshirt Beer

Kew Spiral Stairs A Very Versatile Natural Substance B&W Zoidberg

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