Sunday, 16 March 2008

I am NOT a vegetarian

The more the people label me the more I want to fight against it. I used to be a vegetarian for about 5 years - for about 5 years I ate no meat or fish, since then I have seldom cooked anything non-vegetarian probably because that's how I learnt to cook and if I can avoid killing animals then that's surely a good thing. Late last year I decided, in the hope of being a bit healthier, to return to a vegetarian diet. I was not vegetarian! If someone else was cooking I would eat what ever they provided. The plan was to do it for a month - but I was enjoying it so it has kept going... but I am not a vegetarian, I am someone who eats a mostly vegetarian diet. I like animals enough not to kill them, however there are times which for convenience or just selfish desire I will eat meat or at least that's the theory!
However I'm mental so now enough people think of me as vegetarian that I feel almost forced into being a vegetarian. It's ridiculous, why is it that other peoples thoughts and views affect me me so much? And why am I now feeling like rebelling? It's as though other peoples views bully me into a course of action which I then fight against, especially stupid because I was previously enjoying!
I over-think things and am a bit of an idiot but does anyone fancy a burger?

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Anonymous said...

But you can't have a burger, you're a vegitarian!