Thursday, 28 August 2008

Why so much blog today?

I've not been around much of late, I guess I'm not very consistent when it come to writing things here... which I suppose begs the question why now?

Well it all links to my trip to Australia, for example right now I probably ought to be doing something else - worrying and organising for my trip and most importantly get my C.V. and website sorted and talking to the people I'm hoping to work for out there! Which leads us to the fact that I can now encourage you to go and have a look at my website, you can see it at I hope you like it!
And finally I'm quite likely to be using the blog to keep interested parties (if there are any) informed of my travels as I roam around the world!

Oh and of course my friend Toby has another book out! It's as good, if not better than the first you can get it from Waterstones or Amazon.


Andy Smith-Thomas said...

Re: Isambard 2: Sweet! That was quick. Its not been long since I read the first one.

Sunburnt Tiger said...

Yep it's good!
And I got an acknowledgement as well!