Wednesday, 21 October 2009

13 Years

I know what I was doing 13 years ago today, or at least I remember some of the more important events of the day. I'm not sure what happened in between then and now or how I've changed over the years - I'm too close to see. It's impossible to see where another 13 years will land me. October 21st 1996 was a day that changed everything and it changed it for at least 13 years, as the years rolled by the meaning of the day altered - coloured by the events which followed.

Back when it was relevant it was a date I often forgot, but I don't think I ever forgot it's importance for me.


Tom said...

Fuck, man.

I was surprised how easy I found this weekend, but stuff still blindsides me.

Sunburnt Tiger said...

Absolutely, it's weird how the things you expect to be difficult can end up being easy and things you never anticipated knock you for six.