Monday, 29 December 2008

Why are you in Blighty?

Some people have spotted that I'm back in the country and though some people are a little nervous about asking (in case I have a breakdown or something) I think people generally want to know why... to be honest I'd quite like to know myself! Depending upon my mood these are the potential answers to the question why are you in Blighty?
  • Plans change
  • I had a good holiday in Australia but decided that that was enough and I had got what I wanted from the trip
  • I never wanted to live perminantly in Oz and once I established that I was not going to be able to get the job I wanted out there finding other temporary or random work seemed fairly pointless
  • I missed you
  • I know what I would like in life and that will probably be in the UK so I would be as well to start on the road to getting that sorted. So anyone who has a job, girlfriend or house in the country for me should send them over at once
  • I have no idea, I probably need my head checked... by a professional
  • Sun and relaxed attitudes don't suit my depression or need for pathos
Of course my visa is valid for a fair while yet so flying off again is not impossible...


Andy Smith-Thomas said...

Ha! I knew your "I didn't actually go to Australia, it was just a ruse", ruse was just a ruse.

Anyway, its good to have you back. As soon as I've gotten rid of this sticking cold I hope to catch up with you. In person. Probably over alcohol of some description.

Fay Roberts said...

And look! Andy *did* catch up with you over miscellaneously-described alcohol! :)