Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sydney, so good they named it!

So I've been in Sydney a while now and as ever there are some photos in the usual place.

What have I been up to? Well, I've walked most of the city; lived on the 72nd floor in a luxury apartment; gone to Manly on a ferry (this is NOT a euphemism); eaten pancakes on Darling Harbour (nope not a euphemism either); seen the Opera House (a lot); climbed over the Harbour Bridge; seen rain; visited the Art Gallery; been to Bondi Beach; stayed in 3 different hostels; been involved in the rigging of a pub quiz; been attacked by birds; slept in bunk beds; watched thousands of bats fly across the city in the twilight; been round a random photo exhibition; seen the cleverly named Blue Mountains and Scenic World; been to the cinema; done some work experience with creative retouching specialist Electric Art; and yeah probably some other stuff.

And on the off chance you didn't know - I have another blog, the latest article on which is about Australia! Click here for things I know.

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