Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Can you hear me, Toecutter?

I have toured the wastelands in the last V8-interceptor, bumped into Tina Turner, Bruce Spence gave me a lift in his gyrocopter, and when I look up at the night sky I remember his name - the Night Rider!

Ok so maybe that stuff just happened in my brain but I did see some ace things. The Road trip took us north from Brisbane to Bundaberg (a small town spread over a wide area) then north again Agnes Waters and the town of 1770 to go out to see the Great Barrier Reef. Post reef back south again to Brisbane via the Glass House Mountains then a few days on the road down to Sydney stopping at Gold Coast (on Indy night), Coffs Harbour and Newcastle. And here comes the big boring list of things I've seen

Wild stuff seen on land:
An eagle feasting on some smaller unfortunate beastie.
Kangaroos bounding across the road, just like on the warning signs.
Parrots flying around like regular birds, who do they think they are? And Gallahs too!
Several large bats swooping about the place.
Lots of lizards they seem to be the equivalent of squirrels in this hemisphere - just wandering about and posing for photos! The biggest one spotted being a Lace Monitor lizard who was somewhere around 4 or 5 foot long.
A pair of possums who seemed to live on top of one of the motels we stayed in who were very friendly!

Water beasties - mostly spotted on the Great Barrier Reef near 1770:
A family of Humpback Whales jumping and splashing about.
Blacktip Reef Sharks grooving around by Lady Musgrave Island.
Turtles, one of whom came and swam with me!
An Octopus hiding on the reef who was kind enough to demonstrate his amazing camouflage ability!
And obviously a huge number of colourful fish and coral.

"Big Things" - there seems to be a weird Australian tradition of making huge models of things (vaguely to do with advertising) - for note you should really read Danny Wallace's book "Yes Man" which makes reference to these fantastic "Big Things" as well as saying yes to the opportunities life throws you like quitting your job and going to Australia! Anyway there are hundred's to see of which we spotted: the Big Banana (apparently the first ever "Big Thing"); Big Pineapple; Big Clam; Big Prawn; and a few biggish things - a fly, shrimp, avocado and a strawberry - only about the size of a car; and a small Uluru (the size of a petrol station).

Also worthy of special note is SuperBee HoneyWorld a roadside museum! As ever photos of many of these wonderful things can be seen on flickr with more to follow at some point - maybe even fish photos if they worked!

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Sunburnt Tiger said...

of course there is a website if anyone wants to know what other Big Things are out there!