Saturday, 18 October 2008


Hullo, the first (small) set of photos from Australia are up here: I'll get more up as soon as I have more time at a computer of any sorts. In other news my brand new ipod has been wiped by a combination of stupid laptops and stupid apple programming - well I guess it couldn't all be sunshine and laughter!


Andy Smith-Thomas said...

What happened with the iPod?

Sunburnt Tiger said...

It got killed by trying to recharge it off Dave's mini-laptop - it seems Apple have built some kind of self destruct into the latest generation of iPods for when they are connected to unfamiliar linux systems! Much grrrr!

Katiemac said...

hey there O! Have finally added your blog/photostream to Google Reader.

Sorry for being a bad friend and for not properly saying goodbye :(

Hope you're having an ace time xxx

Sunburnt Tiger said...

I'll find a way to forgive you :)