Saturday, 11 October 2008

Phase One

I'm now in Perth, Fran and Gord making me a welcome guest for the past few days. I'm not sure I really "got" Singapore to me it seemed rather a lot like Hemel or Watford - or rather a large number of Watfords gathered together! Malls and malls and malls which considering I've spent a number of months trying not to spend any money wasn't really what I was after. But Perth is a lot easier to "get" weirdly it actually reminds me a lot of Porthmadog (my Dad's home town in North Wales) - a seaside town with a fairly relaxed attitude... it is slightly hotter, though did go in the Indian ocean today which was cold beyond all expectation! What else have I done? Eaten prawns, Vegemite, and tim-tams. Seen parrots (walking around like regular birds), a bar of gold being poured, Norwegian Figs, a kukabura (sp?), a number plate that read Roo Mad, a shop called Dingos and one called Crazy Craig's, and a whole bunch of art in the Gallery of WA. Dave has joined us now, Thursday has come to Australia, walking along the beach and paddling in the Indiana ocean on the way to the Cott probably beats walking down Charring Cross to the George but I'd probably better keep trying just to make sure...
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