Monday, 11 January 2010

If it ain't fixed, break it!

Things can be tricky, and it'll come as no surprise to anyone who has seen me lately that things aren't making me very happy at the minute. Things I need and want I can't have, and my current situation - which is, I'll happily admit, of my own making - is such that I can't change or fix things for about 6 months. It's been making me very negative.
I've not been sleeping, I've got my daemons, I guess we all have.

So I've put my mind to changing and fixing the few things that are within my sphere of influence, it's odd how much difference the little things can make. So far I've bought a new computer and am halfway through re-arranging my furniture (people who've lived with me probably won't be surprised by that one!) and whilst it might not sound like a lot it certainly is nice to feel in control. I'll be extending this logic to anything I can...

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