Sunday, 31 August 2014

Back to the Blog

I've decided to get back to having a bit of a blog as you can see I've not written anything here for 4 years or so. I have been posting things on Tumblr but that seems better suited for just sharing images and videos from around the Internet rather than being "my space" (good name for a social networking site!) and hopefully blogger gives a bit opportunity for commenting and general back and forth. I will still use Tumblr and hopefully all my blogging will automatically go up there too and of course everything should link to Facebook - if you don't want to see this up there I'm sure there's a way to ignore me! With luck I'll find a way to get it all to link together nicely and not totally swamp your FB with countless repeats and reposts! Not sure my writing is going to be very focused but the plan is to include stuff about music, games, comics, making stuff and anything else I can think of! Hope you enjoy it and comment and all that sort of thing or alternatively find a way to ignore it all! Owen (aka Sunburnt Tiger)

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