Saturday, 6 September 2014

Wedding: Draw Down the Stars

As wedding photos go I always tend to prefer casual to formal, I'm not particularly comfortable posing for photos. Harriet and Tim's greatest skill then is perhaps their ability to seamlessly integrate themselves with whatever event they're shooting. They felt to me like any other guest at our wedding and very quickly the fact that they were taking photos didn't bother me at all. Between Harriet's sincere and effervescent enthusiasm and Tim's easy natured friendliness they were in fact very welcome guests. Tim and I bonded over a clearly similar taste in music - I complemented him on the Tom McRae reference of "Draw Down the Stars" and he complemented me on our table names being song titles and the Wedding CD we'd created. It seemed, throughout in fact, that they had a clear understanding of what was important to us.
On writing this I haven't actually seen the photographs but having seen Chris and Kennedy's (who recommended Draw Down the Stars to us) I am very excited and itching to see ours!

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