Sunday, 28 September 2014

I have a problem...

The first step, I'm told, is recognising that you have a problem. I like containers, there I said it! I like containers and I like collecting things. Containers are useful and you shouldn't throw away things that are useful...
They're useful, ok? I'll use them!

But often useful containers look alike and then having a set of them means they'll tessellate well making the most of the space... and also they'll look cool!

Maybe I'll refill them with spice, it'll save us money!

Then of course some things have nostalgic value as well. I have fond memories of being allowed Golden Syrup drizzled on my rice crispies when visiting Nain and Taid. It's also the only food stuff that comes in paint tins. 

Come the apocalypse I'll have to choose between using these for target practice or storage

And then sometimes containers contain good things and keeping them is a way to keep a sort of journal of your other hobbies. Bottles with cork stoppers are cool.

Referring to Gin as a hobby is probably a bad sign.

These four photos catalogue everything I'm throwing out today*, inspired by the possibility of moving house and not wanting to carry empty containers! I am ashamed to admit that my collection extends far further than this, but I've made the first step on my path to recovery.

*except those 4 identical jam jars, they'll be useful!

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