Friday, 31 October 2014

What did you do, Ray?

A couple of years ago I made a Ghostbusters costume for a party, complete with scratch built Proton Pack. Sometimes I get a little over invested in a project, it took over my life for a bit. This may be why I didn't post any pictures at the time but seeing as it's Halloween it seems appropriate that I dig them out, so here you go:
Everything from Celebrations to toilet rolls... Pepsi Max to Pringles!

The wand (with glowing tip naturally!); the complete pack and wand undercoated; the final costume. 

Proton pack sprayed black, drybrushed, dusted, and stickered. The red disks have small lights behind them to make them glow. I was Stantz in case you were wondering!

... and here I am at the party with a (arguably) less authentic but (arguably) more attractive Ghostbuster:

p.s. Adam Savage bought a kit! Never thought I'd out do Adam at making prop costumes!

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