Sunday, 14 May 2017

Radio Charades

My blog writing has suffered of late. I've got excuses, of course I have. If you wish I was still churning out words and opinions on the things I like most in life then the news is good - I've gone audio!

I have been working on a podcast called Radio Charades, a name which I hope conveys how much use I expect it to be!

Radio Charades is probably best describe as geeky light entertainment and is the continuation of a conversation that's been going for about 25 years with my friend Toby. There's news (of sorts) and discussions ranging from almost serious to entirely ludicrous.

We're now up to 20 episodes and you can find them all on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress. Go to one or all of those places and like and subscribe and tell your friends (unless you hate it in which case feel free to keep your opinions to yourself). You can also email us at

A selection of some of our episodes:

Episode 1: The Gritty Reboot - we discuss reboots, sequels and remakes.
Episode 6: Giraffatitan! - getting old and why it's good.
Episode 8: A Surfeit of Muppets - we considering which fantasy worlds we might like to live in
Episode 11: 15 Amazing Ways to Store Yarn! Number 12 will Blow your Mind!
Episode 14: Roborumble! - a tournament to discover the finest robot every built

I'm not really sure what the purpose is or who it's for but I'm proud of having done it and it looks set to continue. Who ever you are I hope you enjoy it!

 Radio Charades Logo

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