Sunday, 30 December 2007

Free Papers (a rant)

Never has there a better example of getting what you pay for than the free papers that currently plague the streets of London! Free yes, worthless definitely!
In fact worthless is too good a word for them... they are far worse than that!
It's a wonderful thing that currently we (generally) are worrying about environmental issues (and it's about time we did) so it annoys me greatly to find paper being used so frivolously only to be binned in their millions. I know it easy to think "it doesn't matter because my newspaper will get recycled" but that logic only works if recycling was a 100% efficient and used no energy in the process! As it is your "guilt free" recycling of this daily news uses a tonne of energy and paper - resources which we should by now have realised are not infinite!
I understand the commuter's need for something light to read, but should that really be encouraged? It's seems to be yet another example of the dumbing down of our nation (and possibly world), appealing to our lazier instincts. If these free papers didn't exist perhaps (and I'm not naive enough to believe this is guaranteed) people might read a book, perhaps even talk to each other, and hopefully if nothing else be discerning in which newspaper they read because they are paying for it!
I have tried to read them (I'm not proud, I forgot my book) and I couldn't find anything in them, I barely managed 5 minutes of idle flicking before I had to abandon all hope! If someone tried to charge you money for one of these pieces of garbage you would laugh in their face as it is hundreds of men and women in matching t-shirts and caps hit the streets and forcefully distribute these non-entities they get lapped-up!
So London, please stop picking these up, carry a book with you, buy a newspaper, talk to someone, anything! Just stop being so lazy! I'm sure you're smart enough to realise how badly written and how pointless the content is.

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