Sunday, 30 December 2007

Space Captain Smith

"The British Empire has always had a fine stock of heroic gentlemen of daring-do: Quartermain, Bigglesworth, Wooster, Lancelot, and now Smith!"

My good friend Toby Frost has written a book! And by gum its good!

Space Captain Smith of the Great British Empire and his intrepid bad of misfits and weirdos set out across the galaxy battling aliens and villainous foreigners and hoping to be home in time for tea and tiffin!

It's due for publication in May and you can pre-order it from Amazon now, you can visit the Space Captain Smith webpage, and you can even join the Facebook group!
"If Alain Quartermain and James Bigglesworth had a heavy evening on the hookah sooner or later one of them would tell this tale and claim it as his own!"

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